The estimate retrieved from the calculation tool is provided that:

  • The raslysation technology replaces a plate heat exchanger solution; the plate heat exchanger has a regenerative effect of 89% or for juice a tubular heat exchanger with a regenerative effect of 75% is used.  
  • The pasteurization temperature is 76 degrees for milk and whey, 96 degrees for juice, and 72 degrees for water.  
  • The heat is generated by a natural gas-powered boiler.  
  • The cost of a cubic meter of gas is €1.5. The price for electricity is € 0.2/kWh.
  • The product outlet temperature of both the heat exchanger and the raslysation system is the same as the inlet temperature. 
  • All CO2 emission estimates are based on the average EU CO2 emission per kWh produced.