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Reducing consumption by 60-90% compared to conventional pasteurization, our raslysation solutions achieve unprecedented energy efficiency. All raslysation equipment come as scalable and modular solutions to fit your capacity and industry specifications.

The future of pasteurization is raslysation™

With a product range that covers any liquid production, Lyras provides resource-efficient and high quality processing equipment and service. Our systems provide optimized processing capabilities and ensure higher yield and uptime, less CIP, reduced energy and water use as well as high vitamin and nutrient retention.

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Industrial fermentation


Blood plasma


Raslysation™ Sirius

Liquid treatment where space is limited

The Raslysation™ Sirius offers a compact system to treat large flows of liquid. In order to induce maximum kill rate on pathogens while being gentle to the liquid product, the system includes a patented filter technology ensuring that only the germicidal wavelengths reach the product. This ensures optimum product quality without the risk of compromising the liquid’s sensory or nutritional values.

Products and flows

The Raslysation™ Sirius is capable of treating a wide variety of applications from liquid foods to additives and plasma. As no two products are the same, we will put our research capacity at your disposal to guarantee perfect compatibility between system and liquid.

With a modular system combinable in any imaginable configuration, The Raslysation™ Sirius is fit to run at a flow of 1500 to 32000 L/h.

Treatable with The Raslysation™ Sirius




Skimmed Milk

ESL Milk

Cheese Milk

Raw Milk

Egg Whites

Raslysation™ Spica

Upgrade your side streamts

The Raslysation™ Spica is based on the same principles as the Raslysation™ Sirius; the difference being that The Raslysation™ Spica does not have the filter technology and therefore is more efficient on non-sensitive liquids. The system makes up a safe treatment method that inactivates bacteria, enhances product quality and lowers energy use.

Products and flows

The Raslysation™ Spica is designed to upgrade large flows of non-sensitive, semi-transparent liquids. The system ensures reusability and microbial decimation in products like brine and process water. With a capacity that reaches up to 45.000 L/h, and a feed unit as the only supporting infrastructure, it is the perfect solution for your production if space is scarce and you are looking to generate more value from your side streams.

Treatable with The Raslysation™ Spica


Tap Water

Process Water


Raslysation™ Castor

Universal and modularized

The Raslysation™ Castor is the world’s largest UV unit for treatment of opaque liquids. Designed to handle any capacity, the modularity of this unit ensures full scalability. The Raslysation™ Castor is also based on easy maintenance principles, meaning that all vital parts can be replaced through our easy click and replace system.

Products and flows

With a capacity of up to 380.000 L/h, The Raslysation™ Castor is a system for the largest of productions. The equipment is able to treat any liquid product from enzymes to wine and is the perfect solution for any large production looking to lower its climate impact and manufacturing costs.

Treatable with The Raslysation™ Castor



Process Water

Sugar Solutions



Raslysation™ Polaris

Test the best

The Raslysation™ Polaris is a compact and efficient system for testing and treating transparent and opaque liquids. It is an air-cooled mobile standalone unit with a highly robust and simplified product design that fulfills the highest HACCP requirements. Designed to provide maximal output, the pilot unit enables the user to perform thorough optimization tests of the product and unit.

Ensuring compliance has never been easier

Test your product on our convenient standalone demonstration unit, The Raslysation™ Polaris, on-site or in our lab. With the help of an expert, you will be able to retrieve data on product quality, control, and microbial inactivation.

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