Treat an array of liquids sustainably with raslysation™️

Curious about switching to raslysation, but unsure about the compatibility between raslysation and your product? Fret not! With a technology that can be adjusted to fit almost any liquid food or non-food production, raslysation has got you covered. Scroll down this page to learn more about the benefits of replacing heat treatment with UV.

Tomorrow’s liquid processing requires less energy and water

Instead of heat, raslysation uses UV light to eradicate harmful microbes in opaque and transparent liquids. The gentle yet effective treatment reduces energy consumption by 60-90% and water consumption by 60-80% compared to conventional pasteurization.

Raslysation does not only replace pasteurization, but also filtration, HPP, HHP, PEF and many other non-thermal processing methods.

Defining liquid treatment

Raslysation is specifically designed to treat opaque and transparent liquids. The technology allows for the optimal treatment of a wide variety of products, and we would like the chance to prove it on your specific liquid product. Learn more about our product testing here.

So far, we have successfully tested:

  • Egg whites
  • Sugar syrups
  • Iced teas
  • Soft drinks
  • Plant drinks
  • Light stable beer
  • Wash water
  • Process water
  • Meat brining
  • CIP water
  • Certain fruit colorings

Optimize product safety with raslysation™

By air-cooling our systems, we avoid a lot of hassle. The lack of heat transfer to the product prevents the product from coagulating and burning to the inside. This relieves you from frequent CIP procedures, endless use of chemicals and handling of filters. Instead, the product undergoes a much gentler treatment, retaining its original nutrients and taste, saving you money, time and waste.

We want to see you succeed

Our goal is to make raslysation as widely appealing and applicable as possible, because only by doing this can we reach our goal of saving 1,000 metric tons of CO₂ from being emitted into the atmosphere by 2030.

Reaching this goal demands that we spend a lot of time and resources on research. We strive to be ahead of the field and to ensure that we always have a strong presence at the scientific forefront when it comes to sustainable treatment of liquid products.

The scientific method matters

In order to determine if a product is suitable for raslysation, several parameters must be taken into consideration. For instance, the UVT or the light penetrability of the product, the amount of dry matter within the liquid, the viscosity, the sensibility of the liquid to light, and the sensory aspects of the product. Generally, it can be said that the more transparent, further below cP 100, or the less light sensitive a product is, the more effect it will gain from being raslysed.

Benefits using raslysation

Energy efficient

Energy efficiency

Reducing energy consumption by 60-90%, raslysation is a sustainable and cost-efficient replacement for pasteurization.

Extended Shelf life

Extended shelf life

Raslysation offers a highly effective bacteria treatment, ensuring an extended shelf life.

Higher quality

High quality

The gentle raslysation treatment ensures the natural taste, preserves a high level of vitamins, and does not affect or denature proteins.

Higher Up time

Higher uptime

Being largely self-disinfectant and a non-thermal treatment, raslysation reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your production a longer uptime.

No fossil fuels

Full electrification

Since raslysation only uses electricity to treat the product, it paves the way for a production relying solely on renewable energy.


Minimal waste

Our raslysation system has a significantly lower holding volume than a pasteurizer, wasting less product in each production cycle.

Simpler production

Simple production

The compact design of the raslysation system achieves unprecedented energy efficiency and simplifies the supporting infrastructures.

No waste

Water efficiency

Our raslysation technology reduces water consumption by 60-80% compared to conventional pasteurization.

Calculate the energy savings of your own production

Our mission is to reduce the CO2 emissions of the processing industry by offering an energy-efficient replacement for conventional pasteurization and microfiltration. The exact energy savings of your production, however, depends on your product and capacity. Use our calculation tool to get an estimate of how much your production can save with raslysation.

Have your product tested with raslysation™️

Wondering how raslysation can improve the quality of your product? Test your liquid on our convenient standalone pilot unit—which can fit through any door—on-site or in our lab. With the help of an expert, you will be able to retrieve data on product quality, control, and microbial inactivation.

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