Achieve ideal juice quality at a low cost with raslysation™

Raslysation reduces the microbial content in juice at a level equivalent to or below conventional pasteurization. Besides improving the sensory perception of juice, the process also requires shorter CIP procedures, reducing water consumption by 60-80% and energy consumption by 60-90%.

Tomorrow’s juice requires less energy and water

Raslysation is a non-thermal processing technology for liquids. By using UV light instead of heat, raslysation significantly reduces the usage of water and energy related to liquid processing, making it a sustainable replacement for conventional pasteurization.

Apple Juice

Vegetable Juice


The gentle Raslysation™ Sirius System

The patented light filter in our Raslysation™️ Sirius System blocks undesired wavelengths and allows complete production control. The gentle treatment preserves the product’s natural characteristics, such as colors, nutrients, and flavor.

Calculate your energy savings

Raslysation is an energy-efficient alternative to the pasteurization of juice. The actual energy savings depend on your product and capacity. Use our calculation tool to estimate your energy savings when implementing raslysation and to see how much your production can save with raslysation.

Benefits using raslysation

Energy efficient

Energy Efficient

Reducing energy consumption by 60-90%, raslysation is a sustainable and cost-efficient replacement for pasteurization.

Higher quality

High Quality

The gentle raslysation treatment ensures the natural taste, preserves a high level of vitamins, and does not affect or denature proteins.

No waste

Minimal Waste

Our raslysation system has a significantly lower holding volume than a pasteurizer, wasting less product in each production cycle.

Simpler production

Simpler Production

The compact design of the raslysation system achieves unprecedented energy efficiency and simplifies the supporting infrastructures.

Have your product tested with raslysation™️

How can raslysation improve the quality of your product? Test your juice on our convenient standalone test unit, on-site or in our lab. With the help of an expert, you will be able to retrieve data on product quality, control, and microbial inactivation.

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