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Our culture

At Lyras, we have a positive and friendly atmosphere – we are used to seeing new faces and have built a warm, curious and including culture where you quickly feel at home. Every day, colleagues from both our buildings join each other for lunch and have a great time socializing across departments.

We are very generous with our smiles, jokes and laughs during the day while we work passionately side by side to reach both our individual and common goals. We are never too busy to have a quick chat by the coffee machine or to lend a helping hand when needed.

The well-being of employees is of great importance to Lyras, and we continuously put in effort to make sure that everybody comes to work motivated and happy.

Career at Lyras

Our values


We prioritize our strong collegial community rooted in mutual respect, common ambition, and a shared desire to make every day a good day. We are welcoming, including and curious, and are always here to help each other across departments. We view ourselves as part of a unity, where we rely on each other, and everyone has a role to play in reaching our shared goals.


We believe in providing each other with the clarity, competence, and opportunity to take control and make decisions in our job, and that this will make us happier, more engaged, and more proficient. Based on competence and clarity, we are not afraid to take responsibility and ownership of tasks, decisions, and the success of Lyras.


We are ambitious for the success of our business and ourselves; constantly learning, challenging ourselves, thinking beyond conventions, and striving to achieve excellence in everything we do to continuously satisfy our customers every day – everywhere.


We strive for sustainability to be a natural part in everything we do. From producing sustainable technology and running our business operations in a way that is economically, socially, and environmen-tally sustainable. To all the small choices we make in our day-to-day work and in the way we treat each other, customers and partners; building meaningful and long-lasting relationships.


We act with integrity – we are honest, responsible and we keep our promises – internally and externally. Our values are not empty words, and therefore we ceaselessly reflect and discuss what they mean in the way we act, think and treat each other, customers and business partners.

A shared sustainable mindset

Lyras’ raslysation technology is a green replacement to conventional pasteurization. Raslysation enables 60% less water use compared to the conventional pasteurization method, and results in energy savings of at least 90% compared to the pasteurization process. We are passionate about our purpose to accelerate the global reduction of CO2 emissions within the processing industry, and believe our work to be meaningful as it contributes to a more sustainable future.

A sustainable technology is essential, but all actions matter, and that is why we are constantly reflecting on how to make the most sustainable choices in our day-to-day work. For example, Lyras has established several charging stations for electric cars by our parking lots so that employees and guests with electric cars all have access to charging stations. All company cars are electric.

Employee sustainability is every bit as important to us, and we continuously put in efforts to maintain a healthy organizational culture that supports and values our employees and keeps them engaged and happy to come to work.

Testimonial AnnPalmdahl

My time at Lyras has been filled with exciting challenges and high-level professional development as well as competent, caring, and amazing colleagues. When I come to work, I feel at home and I’m very proud to be part of developing, creating and working with green technology of the future – technology with purpose and endless possibilities.

Ann Palmdahl, Laboratory Technician

Individual and organizational development

A strong focus on constantly learning and developing our technology and the way we do things is key in continuing to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and service. Therefore, we are not afraid to ask for help inbetween departments, colleagues and from customers to continuously rethink, innovate and improve. We build on each other with honest and constructive feedback and have a mindset of seeing opportunities instead of limitations.

We believe our people to be the backbone and lifeforce of Lyras and therefore it is a top priority to keep our people happy, engaged and motivated to come to work. We are particularly attentive to creating a framework for both professional and personal development and are offering relevant individual courses and education. Furthermore, every manager has one-to-one dialogues with their employees at least every three months to focus on well-being, performance, and development.

Career at Lyras
Testimonial Jeppe

Working at Lyras, you are given a great deal of responsibility and opportunity to make an impact, and it is motivating to see that your work produces tangible value and results.

Jeppe D. Madsen, Sales Manager

Career at Lyras

Responsible and trustworthy partners

We are driven by our values, and we lead and act by example. At Lyras, our values is our foundation in everything we do – they keep us happy and enables us to deliver as promised.

It is of great importance to us, that our values never become empty words. That is why we are continuously working with and reflecting on what they mean in the way we act, think, treat each other and customers etc.

In that way we keep our integrity and are honest, responsible, and accountable in both our internal and external relations; building strong relationships to each other and to our customers and partners.

Empowered employees

We experience that allowing and enabling our people to take leadership in their roles, results in high impact and positive long-term effect for both the individual and Lyras as a whole. Besides our attention on providing opportunities for continuous individual and professional development, we practice open and transparent internal communication in order to provide our employees with the information and strategy that is necessary for prioritizing and taking ownership for our shared goals.

Every Monday, we have a meeting where every employee can attend on teams and where each department shares relevant information. In addition, our CEO, Rasmus Mortensen, sends out a weekly wrap-up email to every employee at the end of each week with updates on both the past and coming week, introducing new employees, recognizing special achievement etc.

At Lyras, we generally have a “can do” attitude and we do our best to keep triggering this ability to embrace change and to go the extra mile to support each other and continue to provide excellent customer service. We believe that providing each other with the information, authority, opportunity, and motivation to make decisions and do our work, will make us happier, more engaged, and more proficient.

Career at Lyras

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