Obtain ideal industrial fermentation quality with raslysation™️

Raslysation is a non-thermal processing technology for controlling microbial content in liquids. In industrial fermentation, the technology is suitable as a replacement for your existing depth filtration equipment. The process provides microbial control and removal of bacteria, spores, yeasts and molds. These microorganisms are inactivated without harming enzymes, proteins, amino acids or vitamins.

Tomorrow’s treatment of fermentation broth lowers downtime & waste

Raslysation is an effective, adaptable, and versatile method that ensures quality and safety in a single step process. Since the system is based on UV light, there is no filter changes or long maintenance periods. The technology is extremely energy-efficient and only uses a small amount of electricity to create the effectful wavelength that inactivates unwanted microbiology.

Tomorrow’s dairy products require less energy and water

By using raslysation on fermentation broth & enzymes you can achieve a log 6 reduction on total plate count or <1 CFU/ml, depending on the initial load. The reduction depends on the type of product that is being treated.

Benefits using raslysation

Higher quality

Retains bioactivity

With raslysation, you retain bioactivity without denaturing proteins and enzymes. The gentle treatment preserves the high level of vitamins and amino acids.

Higher Up time

Higher Uptime

Being CIP compatible, largely self-disinfectant, and having long run times, raslysation reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your production a higher uptime.

Simpler production

Simpler Production

The compact design of the raslysation system achieves unprecedented energy efficiency and simplifies the supporting infrastructure. The system is cleaned using a standard CIP process ensuring no contamination. It eliminates the need for single–use filters and lengthy maintenance.



Since the treatment is a single step continuous process with no filters, it will be a consistent treatment every time. The hygienic coils, containing the product flow, are chemically inert and made of food-grade material.

“Raslysation helps us take more control of how we create our product. We’re also expecting to see a difference in our next energy bill. Raslysation fits into our green strategy in every way.”

– Steen Skaerbaek, Senior Director at Novonesis

Further options for raslysation™

As the gentle treatment process is designed for all liquid products raslysation can also be implemented to control the quality of any auxiliary liquids in your process, such as process waters. Here it can be used as a kill-step to ensure the utmost quality.

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