Achieve ideal dairy quality at a low cost with raslysation™️

Raslysation of dairy products allows for unprecedented energy efficiency, reducing consumption by 60-90% compared to conventional pasteurization. For example, when treating whey and brine, the technology provides full microbial control of bacteria, yeast, and molds, assuring a product quality that meets today’s requirements. The gentle treatment extends the shelf life of various products and gives immense potential for reducing food waste and contamination risks.

Optimize your production line with raslysation™

Raslysation is a non-thermal processing technology for various dairy liquids. Unlike heat treatment, raslysation does not harm whey proteins, but instead preserves the original characteristics of the milk. Food safety has been enhanced by reducing the number of contact surfaces and avoiding glass-food contact.

Because the process is cold, there is no fouling. This means that less frequent and less intensive cleaning procedures are required, resulting in a more effective production line with higher uptime.




Skimmed Milk

ESL Milk

Cheese Milk

Raw Milk

Tomorrow’s dairy products require less energy and water

Raslysation is simpler to install and maintain than a plate heater or membrane solution and is applicable either as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on. Using UV light instead of heat significantly reduces water and energy demands, making raslysation a sustainable replacement for conventional pasteurization.

Benefits using raslysation

Energy efficient

Energy Efficient

Reducing energy consumption by 60-90%, raslysation is a sustainable and cost-efficient replacement for pasteurization.

Higher quality

High Quality

The gentle raslysation treatment ensures the natural taste, preserves a high level of vitamins, and does not affect or denature proteins.

No waste

Minimal Waste

Our raslysation system has a significantly lower holding volume than a pasteurizer, wasting less product in each production cycle.

Simpler production

Simpler Production

The compact design of the raslysation system achieves unprecedented energy efficiency and simplifies the supporting infrastructures.

With the new UV system from Lyras, we can reuse our brine 100% and thereby eliminate the CO2 emitted from the salt retentate disposal. In microfiltration, 10-12% of the salt is disposed of. Adding to the environmental profits, is reduced energy and water consumption.“

Vagn Clausen, Packaging Manager
Arla Foods Kruså

Calculate the energy savings of your own production

Raslysation is an energy-efficient alternative to the pasteurization of dairy. The actual energy savings depend on your product and capacity. Use our calculation tool to estimate your energy savings when implementing raslysation and to see how much your production can save with raslysation.

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