Our work with the Sustainable Development Goals

At Lyras we acknowledge all 17 SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) however, it is not realistic to work effectively with all 17 goals. 
Thus, we have chosen to work strategically with 3 main sustainability goals, where we believe that we can make the most positive sustainable impact.

SDG goal 6
SDG goal 7
SDG goal 9

Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitation

Raslysation Lyras strive to reduce the amount of water used in the process of pasteurization within the food industry. We work directly with this goal since our Raslysation technology enables 60-80% less water use compared to the conventional pasteurization method. If our Raslysation technology is implemented within the entire dairy sector, we would save 41,5 billion liters of water, each year, which is equivalent to 45 million peoples annual drinking needs! And this is only in the dairy sector. We can treat liquids as Juice, soft drinks and more!

We are well aware that this won’t eliminate our water problems, but it will reduce water scarcity throughout the world!

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Goal 7 – Affordable and clean energy

Our  Raslysation technology result in energy savings of 60-90% during the pasteurization process. Furthermore, the Raslysation technology allows for a pasteurization process done solely on renewable energy, because it only uses electricity. Thus, helping companies to convert from black to green energy!

Traditional pasteurization requires a vast amount of fossil fuels for heating the product to a minimum of 72 degrees Celsius. With our Raslysation technology we eliminate the need for heating and the need for fossil fuels, which have a direct and positive impact on the carbon footprint left by the pasteurization process.

Goal 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We at Lyras work intensively to make a difference in the world. It is never easy to change the world for the better, but through innovation and thousands of hours of development we have been able to create a Raslysation solution, that can change the liquid food industry! Furthermore, we are continuously developing and improving our Raslysation technology to stay innovative, and to ensure that sustainable production methods become more accessible.

Currently, a staggering 20-25% of the total energy consumptions within dairies originate from the pasteurization process. Lyras innovative Raslysation technology replaces the conventional pasteurization and thereby decreases the energy consumption by 60-80% and the water consumption by 60-90%.

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Statement regarding our work with SDG

We want our work with the SDGs to be as transparent as possible. If you have any questions regarding our work with SDGs and what we specifically do to ensure sustainability, we would happily answerer any questions that you might have, on [email protected]

Furthermore, we LOVE sharing our knowledge and inspiring others to work with sustainability! Therefore, we are always open for more partnerships, so feel free to contact us, if you want us to participate in sustainability related projects.

We have been acknowledged for our sustainable Raslysation technology through several different nominations and awards. For example, we won Klima Boost 2020 for being the most sustainable Danish scale up. 

You can see all of our nominations/awards here: Competitions