About us

Lyras is a Danish equipment designing and manufacturing company providing a resource-efficient substitute for various existing treatment methods, including pasteurization and microfiltration, called raslysation. Established in 2017, the company was based on the desire to prove that sustainable pasteurization is possible.

Business based on knowledge

Lyras was founded by Rasmus Mortensen, who got the idea of treating liquids with UV light instead of heat, when he was still in university. Ignited by the mission to prove that pasteurization can be done more sustainably, Mortensen set out to turn his invention into a profession.

The raslysation technology was built on evidence-based research and extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders, academia, public health experts, and the food industry. So far, this work has taken Lyras to large parts of the world, where raslysation is in full swing to ensure liquid producers significant CO₂ savings.


Industrial fermentation


Blood plasma


We supply raslysation solutions globally for all liquid processing industries. Select your industry to explore the options.

Purpose and mission

Lyras’ purpose is to accelerate the global reduction of CO₂ emissions within the processing industry. By 2030, the goal is that our equipment will have saved 1,000,000 metric tons of CO₂, equivalent to 180,000 Europeans’ annual use.

Our mission is to enable customers to achieve energy and water savings. By combining cutting-edge engineering with resource-efficient innovation, we unite food quality and environmental considerations.

Value proposition

To offer a sustainable raslysation solution that provides a gentler treatment of liquids, higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), less cleaning, and lower operational costs. The result is a simpler and more efficient production line without compromise to quality and taste.



Sustainability is a natural part of everything we do. It is the key feature of our technology and a fundamental part of the way we do business and achieve profitable growth.

Quality is achieved through sincere effort, focused direction, and skillful execution. When we strive for a positive change, it can never be at the expense of quality. Data driven customer-adapted solutions and overall high-quality standards are essential in everything we do.

Innovation is the key ingredient to making clever solutions characterized by scalability, simplicity and quality. We rise to the challenge of creating a better future through innovation; by trying new approaches to reach our goals while working as a team.

Responsible and resource efficient innovation

We believe that innovation is the fastest way to solve the world’s climate crisis. For that reason, we are committed to producing the most sustainable products on the market with regards to both social responsibility and energy efficiency.

By incorporating our solutions to productions all over the world, we would be able to contribute to reducing the worlds collected carbon footprint drastically as well as heighten food safety in large parts of the world. This is what we are working towards.