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Safe, consistent and effective treatment method against bacteria and viruses
– treatment of blood plasma for animal feed

Lyras raslysation treatment for blood plasma is highly effective and can add great value to any manufacture who values safety and high product quality. The special raslysation technology utilizes UV-light to accomplish the task. The UV-light emits a specific wavelength of 253,7 nm, which inactivates bacteria and viruses such as African swine fever. Hereby the highest possible product quality for feed is assured and without affecting the properties of the product. This also assures an extremely low microbial content.  

With Lyras raslysationm equipment you can achieve:

A non-thermal treatment with only 2-4 °C increase in product temperature thereby a greater control of the blood plasma quality

The raslysation systems would be integrated in your production, before the plasma is spray dried. This added step of safety will not harm the product quality or cause coagulation since the increase in product temperature is only 2-4 °C. With the use of raslysation in combination with spray drying a significantly higher microbial reduction is achieved. 

Higher safety and consistency in your production

With raslysation you can achieve unseen consistency and safety in your production, with the inactivation of unwanted microbial content. Lyras has a multitude of sensors in the raslysation systems which ensures your blood plasma receives sufficient, safe and consistent treatment for inactivation of virus and bacteria. Ultimately the better processing of your product leads to added profit and product utilization with clear USPs in the market.  

Inactivation of bacteria and viruses with high uptime

Unlike others in the industry, uptime is no bottleneck with Lyras raslysation systems. Due to a specialized turbulent flow, a high number of sensors and efficient temperature control an unseen uptime between cleaning can be obtained. All this while maintaining a high microbial kill rate of both bacteria and viruses. 

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