UV technology cuts off 88,000 euros from dairy’s energy bill

Published On: March 2, 2024Categories: Dairy, Juice, News, Others

With the help of Lyras’ cutting-edge technology, a dairy now cuts off 91 percent of its energy consumption for inactivation of microorganisms in processing water. Inactivation happens through UV-driven raslysation. The new tech provides full microbial control whilst saving the dairy approx. 88,000 euros a year and thus reduces the environmental impact. Apart from nine tenths of the energy expenditure, Lyras’ safe pasteurization replacement, also removes all risks of glass contamination.  

Link to full story: https://www.dairyindustries.com/news/44109/uv-pasteurisation-technology-brings-significant-savings-to-dairys-energy-bill/