How raslysation transform whey protein into profit

Published On: June 14, 2024Categories: Dairy, News

Raslysation transform whey protein into profit

Whey and permeate are valuable by-products from cheese and yogurt production, but they also pose a challenge for dairy processors who want to utilize them efficiently and sustainably. Conventional methods of treatment, such as heat treatment in plate heat exchangers, require a lot of energy, water and chemicals, and often compromise the quality, bio activity and safety of the final product leading to upwards of 25% of the valuable protein being denatured. That is why Bahçıvan Gıda, a leading dairy producer in Türkiye, decided to investigate the added benefits of utilizing raslysation on whey and thereby avoid the harmful heating of their whey products. 

Raslysation is a patented process that uses UV light to eliminate harmful microorganisms in e.g. whey, permeate and other liquids, because there is no heat involved it can preserve the protein integrity and nutritional value of the product and transform whey protein into profit. This was, however, not the only remarkable advantage that Bahçıvan Gıda experienced. They also found it to increase resource efficiency, heighten product quality and lessen environmental impact. 

Here are some of the benefits that the Turkish dairy producer experienced when using raslysation instead of their standard plate heat pasteurizer: 

  • 94% saving on electricity consumption and thus a 93% CO2 emissions reduction per treated ton of whey and permeate: This means that raslysation not only reduces the operational costs, but also contributes to the climate goals and the competitive edge of the company.
  • 91% saving on process and wastewater costs per ton of whey and permeate treated: Raslysation uses significantly less water than conventional methods. Since cleaning needs are reduced, both the amount of flushing water and the amount of chemicals needed for cleaning and disinfection are greatly lowered.
  • 73% saving on chemical costs per ton of whey and permeate treated. Raslysation minimizes the risk of contamination and fouling, which extends the service life of the equipment, lowers downtime, cleaning time and the maintenance costs.
  • 99.99% (log 4) reduction in total aerobic mesophilic bacteria in the whey and permeate. Raslysation ensures the highest level of hygiene and safety for the product, without affecting its taste, color or aroma. Raslysation’s gentle effect on the proteins ensure that the denaturation is minimized and that there is a much higher content of active proteins within the product, this means that the proteins are easier to absorb in the human body and therefore this will open new product categories, new opportunities for export and value-added applications for your clients.

Another producer has previously proven:

  • 25%. That is how much heat treatment can denature proteins within whey, whereas raslysation leaves 100% of the proteins active. This is a huge difference for any producer that is trying to create added value for the end consumer and means that there is a much higher value of the protein powder that is ready in the end and a very short ROI for the producers who implement raslysation in their production, this being as low as a matter of months from full scale installation of the equipment. This reduces OPEX costs and increases profits.

As you can see, raslysation is a game-changer for whey and permeate treatment to transform whey protein into profit and as it offers a range of advantages compared to traditional methods. If you want to learn more about how raslysation can help you optimize your production, improve your product quality and reduce your environmental footprint, contact us today and let us show you the potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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