Arla Foods Kruså raslyses their brine

Published On: November 21, 2022Categories: News

With the new UV system from Lyras, we can reuse our brine 100% and thereby eliminate the CO2 emitted from the salt retentate disposal. From microfiltration, 10-12% of the salt is disposed of as retentate. Cleaning has also become cheaper and easier. This means that we run CIP from our central systems, and now only takes 15 minutes. This solution is considerably cheaper compared to cleaning microfiltration systems. Adding to the environmental profits, is reduced energy and water consumption, as well as 10% less salt usage, says Packaging Manager Vagn Clausen from Arla Foods Kruså. Process Operator at Arla Foods Kruså, Claus Werner Fischbach, is also pleased with the new technology. He says: ”It is much easier to operate the new UV system compared to the microfiltration plant. We control the raslysation unit from our SCADA system, just as we do with the rest of our process equipment. The Lyras system worked from day one.” 

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