Lyras expands globally

Published On: August 14, 2023Categories: News

Danish company Lyras is opening branches in Holland, France, Spain, and South Africa following significant global interest in the company’s energy- and water-saving replacement for pasteurization, raslysering. 

Danish Lyras, whose pasteurization replacement saves 60 to 80 percent water and 60 to 90 percent energy compared to traditional pasteurization, is gaining attention worldwide. Therefore, the company has now opened branches in Holland, France, Spain, and South Africa. 

“In addition to these four countries, we also have good partners in many other countries. Our goal is for the food and processing industry to have saved at least one million tons of CO2 with our technology by 2030. Therefore, we cannot settle for making a difference only in Denmark,” says CCO Mark Kalhøj Andersen, Lyras.