Collaboration with Aalborg University

Published On: September 10, 2018Categories: Collaborations, News

Collaboration with Aalborg University and University College Northern Denmark

At Lyras, we aim to establish solid relationship with our local community. Therefore, we are collaborating with Aalborg University and University College of Northern Denmark. Through project and collaboration fairs, organized by AAU Match and UCN Business, we have found a lot of our student collaborations. These collaborations ensure that students are able to explore, develop and practice their skills in a fast-growing company. Student collaborations provide Lyras with deeper insights and discoveries, and we are always satisfied to have student onboard.We have several study groups investigating different areas and possibilities for Lyras to undertake within the fields of:

  • Chemistry
  • Market Research
  • Corporate Communication
  • Branding

At Lyras, it is also possible to do an internship and apply theoretical knowledge into actual tasks. Interns have the opportunity to explore specific areas of the company and become an integrated part of the company. Collaborating with interns ensure that Lyras is constantly moving in the right direction through new ideas, knowledge sharing and diversity.
At the moment, we are collaborating with four interns that work with different areas in the field of PR, marketing, communication and financial strategies.
Moreover, Lyras has ongoing research project with Aalborg University.