Aalborg’s Innovation and Sustainability

Published On: September 7, 2018Categories: News, Press

Focus on Innovation and Sustainability in the Capital of Northern Jutland

Aalborg Municipality’s various innovation offers and events have made an increased focus on innovation and sustainability within the municipality. This focus makes it attractive for entrepreneurs, particularly, to establish a company in Northern Jutland. The innovative and sustainable initiatives in the municipality have made a significant difference for Lyras.
Below, we have gathered some of the offers and events that Lyras has used and contributed to. In addition, City Councilor, Daniel Borup Jakobsen tells about how innovation and sustainability, among other things, have been brought to attention in Aalborg Municipality.

Business Aalborg
Business Aalborg offers a “clip card system” where startups companies take part in a line of events that focuses on growth and progress within the company. The startup companies can use their clip to sparring through advising from professionals, information sharing, network and events. Lyras has used the clip system for professional legal advice, advising from an accountancy firm and from several qualified business developers.

Aalborg University
Aalborg University offers different initiatives through AAU Innovation that Lyras has made use of. Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University (SEA) and AAU Match are two of these offers. SEA offers a program where sparring, knowledge sharing and guidance to develop a startup company are available. SEA has been beneficial for Lyras, as they have offered advising, business development and a workplace has been provided. Moreover, SEA has facilitated events with other startup entrepreneurs, which have created new relations and professional development.

We have a great entrepreneur environment in Aalborg thanks to the students. Aalborg University has been particularly good to support this development by offering help in various ways to starting up a new company. In this connection, Aalborg University has helped with advertising and office space for collaboration between entrepreneurs and established companies.” Daniel Borup Jakobsen, City Councilor and Vice President for the Employment Committee in Aalborg Municipality tells.

AAU Match facilitates physical events and online platforms, whose purpose are to increase the collaboration between companies and university students. Lyras has in this connection taken part in several AAU Match project and collaboration events where students have been able to hear about the possibilities of a collaboration. Lyras has recruited interns and initiated beneficial project collaboration.

Væksthus Nordjylland
Væksthus Nordjylland, which is a fund, offers advising and sparring about company growth. Aalborg Municipality is right now test municipality. In connection to this, Væksthus Nordjylland offers the program Innovativ Vækst, which is an entrepreneur program that Lyras takes part in. In Northern Jutland, the program provides unemployed entrepreneurs entitled to unemployment benefits the possibility for the benefits in the period where they are working on their entrepreneurial dream, which Lyras has made use of. In addition, Lyras has received advising, a free workplace and feedback from a guide that has helped with company development and from a business panel in Northern Jutland.

Aalborg Sustainability Festival
Aalborg Sustainability Festival is a festival with events that focus on sustainability. This year, Lyras will be participating in Løvens Grønne Hule, an event where startups can come and pitch their sustainable business ideas, in the hopes of receiving funding, Student Talks and the startup inspiration event “Dreaming of starting your own business with a sustainable angle?”, which focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.

“During Aalborg Sustainability Festival, we focus on sustainable business models and green companies. It is all part of the large efforts we employ on a daily basis to promote sustainable business development in Aalborg Municipality” says Daniel Borup Jakobsen, who as a member of the Environment and Energy Counsel works with the topics in his political work.

“Dreaming of starting your own business with a sustainable angle?” will be held by Netværk for Bæredygtig Erhvervsudvikling NordDanmark, which is a network for sustainable business development in Northern Denmark that has the purpose of inspiring others to start their own business. Rasmus will present about his own entrepreneurial dream, and how it has become a reality.

Løvens Grønne Hule is an events that provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their idea to a panel, which subsequently provides feedback and sparring. This year, Rasmus is a part of the judging panel, as he last year won the event with his ide of cold pasteurization. There are four speakers at Student Talks, among there are Rasmus, who will be presenting for 15 minutes. He will talk about his journey from student to entrepreneur, and how Lyras contributes to saving energy and a more sustainable future.