Lyras is nominated for FINANS IMPACT Tech Award 2024

Published On: May 2, 2024Categories: Award

The countdown has started.

In just two weeks, Finans will choose the winners of the Finans Impact ESG Award 2024.

Did you know that you can rid food of bacteria and at the same time save up to 90 per cent of the energy? You can learn more about this in the story of the technology company Lyras, which can remove microorganisms from drinks and other liquids with the help of UV light.

In the coming days, Finans will publish stories about STARK Group, VELUX, Arla Foods, BESTSELLER and seven other companies that, like Lyras A/S, have been nominated for one of the three awards that will be handed out on Thursday 16 May.

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Will Lyras take home the FINANS IMPACT Tech Award?

The prize is awarded to a company that demonstrates innovative ways of using technology to improve environmental, social and governance aspects of their operations.

The people following our page will have heard several times how raslysation helps the food industry save CO2 emissions by greatly reducing its energy, water, and chemical consumption and making sure that productions get more output from the same input.

However, Lyras is competing with a group of really interesting, large and innovative companies each with brilliant business propositions, so just to be nominated is a treat. We would therefore like to thank Finans for including us in this impressive lineup.

The award show will take place on 16 May in Copenhagen. Come by and cheer for Lyras!