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We could say that raslysation is a cheaper, easier, and greener solution, but we are just going to let the numbers speak for themselves.  

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*The calculations are based on the following conditions.

Your industry in focus

We supply raslysation solutions globally for all liquid processing industries. Select your industry below to explore the options.  

Your industry in focus

We supply raslysation solutions globally for all liquid processing industries. Select your industry below to explore options.


From conventional thermal pasteurization to cutting edge raslysation™

Raslysation is setting new standards for the liquid processing industry; It is a revolutionizing new technology that minimizes operational costs by drastically reducing energy and water consumption while increasing product quality.  

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energy savings

By implementing our energy-efficient raslysation system in place of a heat pasteurizer, you save about 519 tonnes of CO2 a year, which is equivalent to driving a petrol-powered family-sized car around the globe 164 times.

Together we decarbonize
our global processing footprint

Achieve energy savings of 60-90% by replacing pasteurization with raslysation. As the latter relies solely on electricity, it paves the way for a renewable-energy production. 

Goal for 2030

By 2030, our equipment will have saved 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 180,000 Europeans' annual emission.

Sustainability is the core
of our business

Raslysation is a non-thermal processing technology for liquids. Using UV light instead of heat significantly reduces water and energy demands, making raslysation a sustainable replacement for conventional pasteurization. 

Myths about UV light

Is it problematic to use UV light in the industry due to glass-food contact?
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No. We have eliminated this by separating the lamps from the product flow. The lamps are air cooled instead of product cooled.
Is UV light as reliable as pasteurization?
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Yes. With electricity as the only source of energy, precise parameter control, and numerous sensors ensuring stability, the raslysation system guarantees reliability equivalent to, or above, standard heat pasteurization.
Can UV light only be used to treat water, air, and surfaces - and not opaque liquids?
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No. Thanks to our dedicated staff, you can treat opaque liquids like milk using raslysation.
Can it really be true that vitamins, nutrients, and proteins are unchanged at the same time as shelf life is prolonged?
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Yes. UV light is ideal for treatment as it only influences living cells, leaving natural qualities such as proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and taste unaltered.
Does UV light induce a burnt taste?
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No. It takes heat to evoke a burnt taste, and raslysation is non-thermal.
Is UV light natural?
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Yes. UV light consists of wavelengths like the ones emitted from the sun.

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