We are very excited to present our new Finance Manager, Kurt-Ebbe Knudsen

Meet our new Finance Manager Kurt-Ebbe Knudsen. He will be responsible for our finances and assure that Lyras can continue the further growth. Kurt Ebbe Knudsen have several years of experience in Financial Management within the Food and Agriculture industry and the IKT industry, we at Lyras are very glad to welcome him on board.  

“I met Lyras a few years ago and helped Rasmus, Henrik and Klaus with the budgeting of their new business in order to get funded and be able to further develop Lyras. Since then, Lyras has grown significantly, and the tree guys has done a great job in developing the company. I am very happy to be part of an exciting company like Lyras that has so much potential and with great ambitions to grow the business. Being part of a company that is scaling right now with new methods, implementing new IT solutions, moving to a new and bigger location, making sales all over the world and weekly meeting new coworkers and contacts is very inspiring and rewarding. Lyras is innovation at heart now as it was when I first met the founders a few years ago”. 

Welcome to the team Kurt-Ebbe, we look forward to a strong and beneficial collaboration.