We are glad to welcome our new Sales Manager, Allan Holst Sørensen

Allan is our new Sales Manager. Allan will be part of the sales team. He will be working with direct sales and technical sales support, his main focus will be in our home market, Denmark. Allan is both a dairyman and a dairy technician. He has worked in multiple dairies in Denmark where he was involved in producing feta cheeses and mozzarella. He also has his own golf tournament, Dairy Golf, which is held annually. He previously worked in Tetra Pak as a sales manager and has now joined us fulltime.  


“I look forward to ensuring danish dairies production with effective control of bacteria with Lyras award-winning cold pasteurization units.” 

-Allan Holst Sørensen 


We are glad to have yet another strong profile join our team and we look forward to a strong collaboration. A warm welcome to you Allan.