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We are happy to welcome Lyras new Chairman of the Board Martin Bøge Mikkelsen

Lyras' new Chairman of the Board, Martin Bøge Mikkelsen, brings management experience from the highest level as Executive Vice President and Member of the Executive Board of the Nordic insurance group Tryg. He is currently also chairman of the board of Parent ApS and IoT Denmark A/S as well as chairman of Interforce Region Hovedstaden. In addition, he has board positions at e.g. the listed company Intermail A/S and the private equity fund SSG A/S.

We are glad to have such a strong profile join our board and we look forward to a strong collaboration.

You can read the pressrelease here (in Danish) 

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A warm welcome to our new Sales Coordinator, Sofie Damm

Sofie will as Sales Coordinator provide valuable support for our growing sales team and to our customers in the after-sales process to ensure that the high quality of our products is also seen in our services. Sofie has worked in international sales support, communication, and sales, within the production industry and she is a fantastic addition to our team.  

We are glad to have yet another strong profile join our team and we look forward to a strong collaboration. A warm welcome to you again Sofie.   

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We are very excited to present our new Finance Manager, Kurt Ebbe Knudsen

Meet our new Finance Manager Kurt-Ebbe Knudsen. He will be responsible for our finances and assure that Lyras can continue the further growth. Kurt Ebbe Knudsen have several years of experience in Financial Management within the Food and Agriculture industry and the IKT industry, we at Lyras are very glad to welcome him on board.  

Welcome to the team Kurt-Ebbe, we look forward to a strong and beneficial collaboration. 

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We welcome Morten S. Henriksen, who is our new Technical Designer

Morten will be working with 3D models, production drawings and technical documentation. He will provide drawings and documentation for different suppliers and our production. He will also take part in expanding our PDM (Product Data Management) system for all our drawings and documentation.  

Morten has been working within industrial production since he graduated 8 years ago and have previous experience with 3D modeling, creation of production drawings and associated documentation. We are thrilled to welcome him on board. 

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Sustainable trend creates interest in Lyras’ cold pasteurization solutions

A company portrait of Lyras is featured in the Nordic Dairy Industry magazine Mælkeritidende.

The portrait discusses how Lyras can provide solutions with significant reduction in CO2 emissions in relation to a dairy production by reducing energy consumption by 60-90% and water consumption with 60-80%. Hereby the dairy's will be able to produce consumer products which is better for the climate meanwhile the process flow in the dairy is simplified and the high quality is maintained.  

You can read the portrait here (in danish) 

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We are glad to welcome our new Sales Manager, Allan Holst Sørensen

Allan is our new Sales Manager. Allan will be part of the sales team. He will be working with direct sales and technical sales support, his main focus will be in our home market, Denmark. Allan is both a dairyman and a dairy technician. He has worked in multiple dairies in Denmark where he was involved in producing feta cheeses and mozzarella. He also has his own golf tournament, Dairy Golf, which is held annually. He previously worked in Tetra Pak as a sales manager and has now joined us fulltime.  

We are glad to have yet another strong profile join our team and we look forward to a strong collaboration. A warm welcome to you Allan.  

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We are glad to have Hanne Møller Nielsen in our team as our Administration assistant

On the 3rd of May, Hanne joined as our new Administration assistant. Hanne is educated as an office assistant and has 40 years of experience in administration and customer service from banks, mortgage lenders and manufacturing companies. Hanne will manage all the practical challenges in the office, take care of all things related to administration and make sure everything goes smoothly. 

We are glad to have yet another strong profile join our team and we look forward to a strong collaboration. A warm welcome to you Hanne. 

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A warm welcome to our new Graphic Designer, Laura Enevoldsen Snedker

Laura is educated as an Industrial Designer and will be responsible for the visual representation of Lyras’ innovative solutions and our visual identity. In cooperation with the marketing department she will carry out all graphical tasks related to our Webpage, SoMe content, Manuals, 3D animations, Design for fairs & magazines etc. 

We are glad to have yet another strong profile join our team and we look forward to a strong collaboration. A warm welcome to you Laura. 

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Cold Pasteurization technology can annually save 40 million barrels of crude oil

Danish FødevareFokus features Lyras in an article discussing the enviromental difference when choosing the cold pasteurization technology in your industry.

If the entire dairy industry switched to the cold pasteurization technology - we would be able to reduce the CO2 emission corresponding to at least 40 million barrels of crude oil anually.

Read more here! (Published in Danish)

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New pasteurization technology nominated: Increases safety and reduces food waste

An article from MetalSupply features Lyras' nomination for this year's EY Entrepreneur of the Year, under the Social-Entrepreneurship Future Impact category.

We can really make a difference and strengthen the Industries green transition. That is why we are very pleased with the nomination for Social Entrepreneurship.

Read more here! (Published in Danish)

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Nordjyske Lyras nominated for sustainability award

Mælkeritidende's Nordic Dairy Industri magazine features Lyras in its Sustainable Food Production segment. The article discusses the Cold Pasteurization technology impact. 

Lyras' innovative technology is based on light. The technology effectively removes bacteria in eg. milk, without heat. By avoiding heating and cooling the milk, more than 90 percent less energy and about 60 percent less water is used, while increasing the quality and the shelf-life of the milk.

You can read the article here! (Published in Danish)

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We welcome Niels Møller and Lars Holmen Møller

Niels will be focusing on recruitment of new employees, onboarding and all HR related task. Niels has more than 20 years of experience in recruitment to SMB’s in Denmark and has previously helped Lyras with several employments. 

Lars was first hired in as a consultant but has now joined us full time. Lars will assist the management with strategical, tactical and operational tasks, and various other tasks across the organization. These are tasks that he has previously sat with for several years at his previous job.  

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A greener future for the dairy industry: Lyras develops UV tech for safe and sustainable pasteruization

"A greener future for the dairy industry” We are happy to be featured in the global magazine FoodNavigator who has more than 140.000 unique visitors daily. They have written an article about how we at Lyras are providing safe, efficient and sustainable cold pasteurization solutions to the dairy industry.

You can read the article here!

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We welcome Lars Brændstrup and Kasper Hjortlund

On the 6th of April Lars & Kasper joined our team 

Lars has worked more than 29 years in the metal industry and has more than 20 years of experience in production management. Lars will be responsible for the production, its operations and personnel.

Kasper has many years of experience with software development for the food industry. He has great expertise with brands such as Allen Bradley and Siemens. Kasper will be responsible for development and documentation of all electrical and software systems in our UV-systems.

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EY nomination press image

We are proud to be nominated for this year’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year, under the Social-Entrepreneurship Future Impact category!

Watch the video of our CEO, Rasmus Mortensen, talking about how our Cold Pasteurization technology is setting new quality and sustainability standards within the liquid food industry.

It is within our company’s DNA to continue making a positive difference that can foster a sustainable and green transition. Hence, we are very honored to have been nominated for the category.

Watch the video here!

Thomas press

Meet our new Design Engineer, Thomas Tversted

On the 11th of January Lyras gained great asset. Thomas Tversted an experienced Design Engineer joined our team 

Thomas will be part of Lyras’ production team, where he will be responsible for the drawing & documentation of products and parts. He will also be part of the integration process of the new PDM and ERP system in the company.

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Rasmus TechBBQ

We are proud to be part of the TechBBQ IMPACT SERIES

TechBBQ has with their partners, Danish business Authority and +impact selected 10 danish companies who has sustainability in their core and the ability to make a real difference for the climate. We are happy to be chosen by TechBBQ and additionally we are honoured to receive yet another accolade for our sustainable and innovative solution.  

You can read the article here! 

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Nordjysk klimaiværksætter opruster for at sikre global vækst

A press release from Ritzau featuring our new CCO Stefan Sletting Nielsen, who will be leading our Global sales and Marketing efforts. We are excited to welcome him onboard!  

You can read the article here (Published in Danish) 

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Meet our new Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Jeppe Dam Madsen

Jeppe is a former marketing intern here at Lyras. During his internship he demonstrated a strong understanding for his field, produced several new initiatives and showed great personal skill. On the 15th of January, he joined us, as our new Marketing & sales Coordinator. He will help manage a variety of marketing tasks and will also support our sales team with in-depth market analysis.

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two new interns

We’re thrilled to have our two new interns, Jeppe and Elsa, join our team for the fall semester!

Jeppe is currently studying International Sales & Marketing at UCN and will be working on the different marketing aspects here at Lyras. Elsa is an AAU student doing a Master’s in Entrepreneurial Engineering. She will be looking into different business development strategies for the company.

Furthermore, Elsa and Jeppe are developing a market selection decision tool for Lyras, that we are excited to use!

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We are excited to have Arne join our team as our new Research Engineer!

On the 1st of September, we welcomed Arne as our new Research Engineer. Arne has a Master of Science in Food Engineering with a specialization in brewing. He will be managing Lyras' labatory, where he will be responsible for data collection and analysis. He will also take the lead on developing a new process for cold-brewed beer for the brewing industry.

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A New Partnership

We are proud to reveal our new investor HCK Holding Aalborg A/S, owned by CEO Holger Colding-Kristensen. With his more than 50 years of experience in the production of food processing equipment, we are convinced Holger is an excellent addition to the team and his experience will surely propel Lyras’ progress.

We look forward to a rewarding collaboration and future successes together.


Our new HR & Marketing Intern

In January 2019, we welcomed our new intern, Rea Tuballa, who is studying AP in Marketing Management at UCN. Rea will be helping us with our recruitment and onboarding procedures, as well as our social media content strategy. Rea has been a huge help with her dedication and focused work ethic, and we are happy to have her on the team.

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