From Intern to Full-time Employee

17 September, 2018

Group 5We are happy to welcome back Ruben Risked in a position as HR manager, after a successful internship at Lyras in connection with his Marketing Management study program at UCN. For Ruben, a study program in “real life” has been important. Ruben had particularly heard well of the succesful startups and entrepreneurs from UCN Innovation, which has inspired him a lot. He therefore attended a job and internship event at UCN to hear about the possibilities of an internship in an innovative company. At the event, Lyras presented their company and innovative cold pasteurization technology. The presentation inspired Ruben so much that he immediately knew where he wanted to do his internship:

“At the event, I could really feel that Lyras was enthusiastic about their work. I could picture myself as an intern at Lyras, because you would get a lot of freedom to do multiple tasks that were not already determined. This made me very interested in Lyras, and soon after, I had already sent both my internship application and CV. Shortly after, Lyras wanted me as their new Marketing Intern.”

During the internship, Ruben has had the freedom to choose the tasks that he has found most interesting. This has provided Ruben with responsibility and has increased his independence. As intern, Ruben has primarily worked with written communication such as newsletter, job adverts and one-pagers. He also came up with inputs for Lyras’ business plan and HR strategies:

“From day one, I have been completely involved with Lyras. I have participated in business meetings, internal meetings, and have been invited to join the production.”

According to Ruben, he has been listened to, he has been able to ask questions about everything at Lyras and his ideas have been carried out.

“For me the internship at Lyras has been a huge success. I now believe in myself and my own talent. I have found a company that I am enthusiastic about, and I have gotten an understanding of how to work in real life. For that reason, I am also quite pleased that I have become full-time HR manager at Lyras.”

Hereby, Ruben will manage Lyras’ HR tasks as well as various student collaborations with AAU and UCN. We welcome Ruben back to Lyras and look forward to a strong cooperation!

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