Feed safety / Food safety microbiology

The highly robust and simplified design of the Raslysation™ Sirius and Raslysation™ Spica system lives up to even the highest HACCP requirements, as it avoids glass-food and product-to-utility contact.

“We have known for a long time that UV light can disinfect water. With the right technology, UV light also preserves and improves food safety in less transparent liquids such as milk and juice. UV light is as effective as heat against bacteria but requires less energy and water. At the same time, UV light has no effect on taste and actually extends the shelf life of the product.”
Tatiana Koutchma, PhD, Research scientist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Safety demonstrated by various microorganisms

In a food safety analysis, it is shown that Lyras’ technology inactivates bacteria and other microorganisms in whey to the same degree as the far more energy-intensive traditional pasteurization. The new study measured both the total aerobic count and the amount of the various unwanted microorganisms such as thermoresistant bacteria, anaerobic sulphite-reducing bacteria, coliform bacteria and enterobacteria.