Raslysation technology and its effect on unwanted microorganisms

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We at Lyras would like to invite you to our free webinar on the 14th of December 2021

Thermal treatment is used in the dairy industry to ensure food safety and prolong shelf life. Raslysation is a non-thermal treatment, which instead of heat uses UV-light to inactivate unwanted microorganisms. The technique is a more sustainable approach to microbial decontamination with highly reduced energy and water consumption. Raslysation is applicable to non-see-through liquids such as milk, because of an optimum flow pattern of the product and light filters ensuring high product quality.   

The technology and the mechanism behind the germicidal effect by short wave UV-light will be explained. Additionally, different applications to dairy products and results of microbiological inactivation will be discussed.   

The webinar takes around 30-minutes, after the webinar you will know a lot more about where this technology can be implemented in your production.

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Sign up by following the link below that fits your timezone: 

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