We are excited to have Arne join our team as our new Research Engineer!

On the 1st of September, we welcomed Arne as our new Research Engineer. Arne has a Master of Science in Food Engineering with a specialization in brewing. He will be managing Lyras’ labatory, where he will be responsible for data collection and analysis. He will also take the lead on developing a new process for cold-brewed beer for the brewing industry.

“I am looking forward to cracking the code of cold pasteurization for beer and having the technology be implemented in breweries on a global scale, which will subsequently lead to a remarkable reduction of energy and water usage in the industry. I love beer, but the process is very energy demanding and to justify the global intake, the industry needs to be more sustainable, and I will do my part to contribute to that”.

– Arne Nordholt, Research Engineer at Lyras

We are excited to welcome him onboard and look forward to a strong collaboration!

new research engineer

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